Huwebes, Hulyo 14, 2011

Same Sex Marriage in the Philippines

As a 4th –year student, I was also tense about these hot-hellic  issue about “Same Sex Marriage”, and as a person belonging to third sex (gay), I was affected with what others discriminate to our belongings. Time-to-time, people become so crazy fascinating with their self personalities and physical appearances, and in this generation, Earth has thousands and thousands of this what we often call “unexplainable gender”---gays, lesbian, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgendered and whatever way we call it and categorized.
Six countries now around the world is publicized by the Same Sex Marriage Policy including America, but then all religious sectors disagree with this coz’ it is very immoral and abide by then all religious sectors disagree with this coz’ it is very immoral and abide by the rules of God---and Yeah! They’re right! But then, they do not know our feelings; even though it is against by the rules of God, we people belonging to third sex had also our own feelings! And the same with man and woman, we fall in love… we dream about our crushes… we fight for our loved one and we chose after them if needed. Is it an improper and immoral thing? Yes it is not in the bible about those messy things… but in the other side, God also says that “Love all what is in you and people around you!”
It’s very unfair for us… we cannot unfairly express our feelings to our loved one that in the first place we don’t plan to become this.
I am just making this hot-trending issue be resolved. For me, I am obviously agree to the Same Sex Marriage Policy… although it is not written in God’s Law, but then this is a way of showing “crazy love”, a “true love” in their belief, a kind of love which allows two souls becomes and fused as one. A proof that love conquers all and even the most impossible and dangerous thing, just for love, anybody can do it! But we can’t erase the thing that love is unfair, (Yes, it is!), but we can’t also remove the fact that having somebody to love makes one’s life complete. Go for Same Sex Marriage! Whatever legacies other people had, they still have no rights to judge s! coz’ we are born in this repentful way.